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General Policies

Bucklin Public Library General Procedures and Checkout Policies

Policies are determined by the Library Board and Director and reviewed annually.

The library will be closed for the following holidays.

New Year’s Day & noon on New Year’s Eve

Memorial Day

4th of July

Labor Day

Veteran’s Day

Thanksgiving Day & noon on Wed. before

Christmas Day & noon on Christmas Eve

Library Card

Families may apply for a library card to check out materials from the Bucklin Public Library.  All persons checking out any library materials must hold a valid library card.  Refusal to become a card holder forfeits any right to library materials.  All members of the family who are entitled to check out material will be listed on the card.  Each borrower is held responsible for all items he or she borrows and the fees that may accrue thereon.  However, the adult listed on the card will ultimately be responsible for the materials of minors listed on said card.  Each Family Card is limited to a loan of 10 items total.  The library card remains at Bucklin Public Library.

Loan Periods

Materials are loaned for the following periods of time:

  • Books  14 days
  • New items  14 days (limit 3 per card)
  • Audios  14 days (limit of 4 per card)
  • Magazines 7 days (limit of 4 per card)
  • DVDs and VHS 7 days (limit of 2 per card)
  • Encyclopedias & Reference Books-at Librarian’s discretion

Patrons may place a request for up to two renewals on all circulating library materials other than new items.   Renewals should be placed before the due date. New items may not be renewed.

Children’s Programs participants may check out 2 books/magazines each week, which are to be returned the following week.  These may accumulate up to a total of 4 books, at which time no new check outs will be allowed until said books are returned.  This applies only to books checked out during Children’s Programs.

New Patron Limits

A new Patron may be put on a new user’s trial period. The limit will be 3 items total, in accordance to the regular limits.  If these items are returned by the due date, the patron will be moved to regular checkout privileges.  If items aren’t returned by the due date, they will continue on the new user’s limits until they have successfully returned items by due date for two checkouts.

Overdue/ Delinquent Material Policy

Each item is stamped upon check out with the date due and it is the user’s responsibility to return materials on or before that date.  Patrons with five overdue items or outstanding balance may not check out additional materials.

Three overdue notices will be sent out: 1) a reminder will be sent out after 7-14 days past the due date; 2) another notice will be sent after 28 days past the due date; and 3) a third notice will be sent out after 46 days past the due date. After the third notice, the patron has 10 days to return the item(s) or pay the replacement cost.  If the patron does not respond to the third notice their name will be listed in the delinquent list and published in the Bucklin Banner.  After thirty days past the date of the third notice their library card will be pulled from the circulation file and all library privileges will be suspended until restitution is made.  This will include computer and meeting room use.  After a 30 day period, patrons are in violation of the Library Materials Protection Act, K.S.A. 21-3702 and K.S.A. 12-1228.


Users are legally responsible (K.S.A. 21-3702) for materials checked out to them including paying for materials that are lost or damaged.

Waiting Lists

Users may request to be put on the waiting list for any circulation materials.  Requests may be made in person or by telephone.  Materials should be picked up promptly after notification.

Unusual Demands

Situations may arise, creating unusual demands upon library resources.  The librarian has the authority to adjust limits and check out periods of these materials during the high demand period.

Interlibrary Loan

Patrons may request materials not available in the Bucklin Public Library through Interlibrary Loan.  Materials must be returned within the time the lending library designates.  The borrower agrees to pay the lending library for any loss or damage that occurs to the borrowed material.  As a means of promoting the “free library image”, there is no charge for Interlibrary Loan, but donations to defray postage costs will be accepted with appreciation.

Video Policy

The majority of Videos and CDs owned by the Bucklin Public Library are protected by copyright for HOME USE ONLY. Patrons checking out videos agree to abide by copyright laws.  Children under 10 must have their parent/guardian’s permission to check out videos.  Videos should be rewound.  Users are asked to NOT leave videos, audios or CDs in automobile where they are exposed to extreme heat or cold that could cause damage.


The library has a machine available for cleaning and repairing CDs and DVDs; this service is available to the public.

1.There is a $1 (one dollar) per disc charge for this service and it will be collected when the discs are brought in for cleaning.

2.  The library accepts no responsibility for damage to the discs which might occur during the cleaning/repairing process.   Further more, the library can not guarantee that the cleaning/repairing process will fix all disc problems.  Sorry, we cannot repair cracked, warped, or foil damaged discs.

3.  The patron must have a signed waiver on file before any personal discs are cleaned /repaired.  Once the waiver is signed it will be kept on file for future cleaning services.

4. Library staff only will operate the disc cleaning machine when the Director deems there is available staff time.

 Other Services available

Computer for in-library use

Web-cam for in-library use

Wireless connection for laptop computers

Copy Machine

Fax Machine

Community Room

Other Resources Available

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Blue Skyways-homepage for Kansas State Library

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