Dec 18

BPL Tablescapes Contest & Christmas Festivities

Wow!!! The total donations taken in for the 2017 Community Christmas Fest were AMAZING!!!

We had eleven table entrys, and lots of postitive feedback and interest for next year’s event. Karla Brummett won first place and received the Traveling Trophy, second place was a tie between the Library and Farmer’s State Bank, third place was Fields of Flowers.

The Snowman Raffle was won by Sheryl Cook.

The Library Elf (Sandy Halling) and the books that were passed out along with all the activities were a huge hit with the children. A Special thank you to the Paige Estes Memorial Foundation for sponsoring our Elf and the book “How to Catch an Elf” which was gifted to each family.

Thanks for everyone’s hard work and participation! It was a huge sucess! We look forward to next year’s event!